Treetops Renewable Energy and solar systems

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   Much has been said about batteries and battery technology over the preceding 24 months and especially through the height of load shedding. Treetops currently offers the highest quality lead acid batteries directly through our German and Indian supply lines as well as the Tesla Powerwall and locally developed high performance and high life LiFePO4/LiFeYtPO4 battery systems.

We are now able to install the SolarEdge StorEdge combined solar energy, storage and backup solution to your home. The StorEdge system using the Tesla Powerwall is available for the South African and Cape Town market. Download the StorEdge brochure here.

​Utilising battery technology to protect against power outages is only part of the picture. Treetops designs and installs solar PV (Photo-Voltaic) systems to assist the homeowner or business to address the former and also maximize self-consumption which makes the system economically viable. If you don´t have a Solar PV system yet? No problem, Treetops Renewable Energy Systems brings the complete package to you as well.

The next round of electricity price increases are due on 1 July 2016, are you wanting to take control of your energy usage and also reduce reliance on the traditional energy  supply network?

 Click here and ask us how you can become energy efficient and save!

Save your daytime sun energy into the battery storage system to be used at night to reduce your electricity costs even further.

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