Solar Power in Cape Town and the Western Cape

Treetops Renewable Energy Systems is a Turnkey System Integrator for Renewable Energy Systems, specialized in micro-grids and providing electricity with Solar Power in Cape Town.


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 With our Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems we strive to fulfill every need of our customers. When you decide, it is time to become Energy Independent using Solar Power, Treetops Renewable Energy Systems will provide you with the best possible service to give you peace-of-mind about your Renewable Energy System Installation.

As one of the leading PV Companies we will tailor-make your Solar Systems in Cape Town exactly around your requirements, no matter if you work on a budget, want to achieve a certain saving per month or  you want to go off-grid. Our Solar Power Systems will help you to achieve that. Please use the button below, phone or e-mail to get in touch with us and we will assist you with your Solar Installation.

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Solar Company promoting Solar Power in Cape Town
Martin Pollack and Helen Pollack – The Company Team

Our Company is run by a father and daughter team. Martin Pollack has pioneered Solar Power in Cape Town, using his own house as the pilot project, together with Anthony Keen and Ivan Kohler. This resulted in the SSEG regulations for the City of Cape Town Municipality and the possibility to offset your bill with Solar Power.

Since 2009 we have grown steadily and installed over 70 Solar Systems in Cape Town and the Western Cape, with more than 4000 Solar Modules, striving to increase this number. Our total installed capacity is over 1MWp of Solar Power, supported by more than 1000kWh of Battery Systems. We have build a big variety of


Solar Power in Cape Town and South Africa is still very young. European countries, the USA and China show, how much potential there is in Solar Power and Photovoltaics. Energy independence, jobs and affordable electricity are only a few of the key benefits of Solar Power. 

We want to invite you to browse through our website and find out more about us, what we do and have done and what Solar Power can do for you. You can contact, phone or e-mail us at any time and we will find out together, how you can benefit with a Solar System. 

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When will you use Solar Power in Cape Town?

Solar Power in Cape Town has become a real alternative to your municipal supply and provides many more benefits than just saving money. Especially your home benefits from a Solar Battery System, because you won’t be affected by power outages and load-shedding anymore. On top of that we will help you to get your electricity bill to almost 0.

Businesses need to act quickly! Several hundreds of kWp are installed month by month and secure competitive advantage for your competition. Once the PV System is up and running, you will have a fixed price of electricity, which is below 1 ZAR. Our commercial clients managed to cut their electricity bill by over 70% per annum and have a very attractive RoI. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to get ahead of your competition and inquire now! We look forward to assisting you.