Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heaters in Cape Town

Infrared heaters are the best way of fighting the cold in winter. Feel the warmth of the sun in your home, even at night.

Designer lounge with Infrared Heaters

Our Infrared Heaters have distinct advantages compared to the regular ways of heating.

  • Perfect for dust allergies – no dust blowing around, due to radiation heating without fans.
  • Easy installation – simply mount the holding bracket to your wall or ceiling.
  • No maintenance – after the installation you can enjoy your new heating luxury without reservation. No moving parts ensure a long lasting pleasure.
  • Energy efficiency – infrared heating can reduce your heating costs by more than 80%.
  • Heating efficiency – infrared radiation heats up objects and bodies and not air. Even with an open window you will still feel comfortable!
  • Excellent energy conversion – 100% of the used electricity is converted into heat.
  • Feel good – enjoy the feeling of sitting in the sun, while relaxing on your couch
  • Healthy and comfortable warmth – infrared radiation has a relaxing effect on both, your body and your feelings.
  • Be different – our Infrared Heaters will integrate perfectly in your home. You can have any picture printed on and even use material finishes. Ideal for Architects and Interior Designers!
  • Compatible with Solar Power – use your heater during the day to heat up your walls, using free Solar Electricity. You can switch it off after sunset and enjoy your warm home. And because of the low power draw and high energy efficiency you can even run it on a Solar Battery System!
  • Made in Germany – our Heaters are manufactured and truly “made in Germany”. You will feel the difference.


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