About us

We are a leading Solar Company in Cape Town

Treetops is a leading Solar Company and system integrator for Renewable Energy in Cape Town, with a strong stand in the field of Solar Power (Photovoltaics). We ensure, that all requirements are met along the way of the successful implementation of your Renewable Energy Project. Besides residential and commercial Solar Systems, our specialization lies with Solar Battery Systems. We call them: Grid-interactive Solar Systems. 


What we have done so far

Treetops is a state-of-the-art Solar Company in Cape Town
Solar Modules with 1-phase MLT inverter and Freedom Won Lithium Battery

We have build a solid record since 2009 as one of the first Solar Companies, with an installed generation capacity of over 1000kWp of Solar Modules, supported by over 1000kWh of Battery Storage. Our projects range from residential 1kWp to 450kWp industrial Solar Systems. 

We have provided hundreds of Solar Kits to our neighbor countries, like Malawi. These clients receive a detailed training on how to install their Solar Components, which enabled them to build their own businesses. Even after many years we have a close relationship with them. 

We steadily strive to stay on top of the latest developments of the Solar Industry and push the boundaries of “conventional installations”. We develop, test and compare new products and technologies and include them into our portfolio. This enables us to achieve even the most complex implementation of Renewable Energies for our clients. We continue, where other Solar Companies stop.


Renewable Energy System by the leading Solar Company in Cape Town
60kWh Freedom Won Lithium Battery with 3-phase 16kWp BenQ Solar System

Our Philosophy

We ensure the quality of our Solar Systems, using the most reliable manufacturers and products around the globe. But as a proud South African Solar company, we have a strong focus on South African manufacturers. This enables us to provide you with Solar Components engineered and manufactured to our South African requirements. 
Our main priority is an exceptional quality of our products and services, as well as the satisfaction of our clients. We are your Solar Company in Cape Town.